Snow Wolf Lodge & Echo Canyon Guest Lodge

  • $30/person/night  -  no additional kitchen fee  -  no flat rates

  • No additional charge for private rooms- use the facilities in a way that best suits your group needs

  • Maximum room limits still apply

  • We require a minimum of 25 people, 6 years and older, to reserve the lodges.
    Children under the age of 6 stay for free.


  • $250/night

  • 3 bedrooms, 1 office w/bed space, 2 bathrooms

  • Fully furnished kitchen, living room, satellite TV, wifi, washer/dryer

  • Sleeps 8


Snow Wolf Lodge staff is available to cook for groups that are staying for 3 nights or less, and have 40 or more people.


Meal prices

  • Breakfast $6/person

  • Lunch $8/person

  • Dinner $10/person