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Property Manager & Catering Manager

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Terry and April Bancesco, along with their three daughters, Gabrielle, Mia, and Amelia joined the Snow Wolf Lodge team in 2017. Terry brings experience in Mechanical Engineering and Maintenance Supervision for various companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, while April brings her love of the culinary arts and organizational skillset.  They have worked together as a team renovating and restoring homes in their community, and Terry and April have also worked as leaders for both youth and young married couples within the local church.   The family is excited to be a part of the future of Snow Wolf Lodge and Summit Ministries.

Ben Phillips 

Maintenance Technician 

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This is Ben. 


Retreat Coordinator/Maintenance Technician 


Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, Jillian has spent a significant amount of time living and working at Snow Wolf Lodge since 2017.  She started off with the maintenance internship (Summer ’17) and then served as a mentor for Summit’s Semester program for three consecutive fall terms.  Throughout this time, she gained a deep love for the lodge and its beautiful surroundings and was thrilled at the opportunity in 2020 to start living and working full-time at a place that had for many years felt like home.  It is now her privilege to serve retreat groups throughout the year, sharing her love for this place with those blessed to spend time here while attempting to create a warm and welcoming environment through gospel-fueled hospitality.  In her free time, Jillian enjoys pairing a good book with good coffee, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying God’s beautiful creation through climbing, hiking, skiing and snowboarding.      


Summit Semester Program Director


Tripp Almon joined Summit in 2018 and serves as the Director of Summit Semester. He relocated to the great state of Colorado with his wife, Megan, and their kids, Neely and Rogan, from the little town of Newnan, Georgia — just south of Atlanta. Tripp’s passion for educating students in the areas of Christian theology, worldview, and apologetics grew in large part from growing up in a Christian home and then struggling profoundly with the tidal wave of cultural ideas that engulfed him as he entered a secular university. Thankfully, his experience taught him that Christianity not only stands in the marketplace of ideas — it soars. Since then, he and Megan, an apologist and speaker with Life Training Institute, seek to cultivate environments where students feel the freedom to ask big questions and are encouraged to pursue real answers. Before joining Summit, Tripp, a former elite gymnast, coached gymnastics for more than two decades and served as a pastor for 10 years. He and his family love the outdoors and adventure sports, particularly off-road motorcycling.  Tripp is also a rally car co-driver with Almon Brothers Racing Team — 2017 champions of the NASA Rally Atlantic Cup Series.

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